About us

About us

SOPRO Ltd. was founded in 2003 in Subotica. However, the name Sopro appeared in 2001, as an independent wholesale and retail store of entrepreneur and founder Kolarik Zoltan. SOPRO Ltd. performs it's distribution and retail trade in it's store located in Subotica, at Somborski put 23. From the very beginning, the company has been distributing a wide range of additives, concentrates, improvers and ready mixes for the bakery, confectionery and meat industry. SOPRO Ltd. sells products of world-renowned companies such as:

The company has contracts with representatives of these companies for the placement of products on the territory of AP Vojvodina.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide quality raw materials and components for the production of new food products of high nutritional value. Our vision is to be a reliable partner of our customers who can always count on innovation in sales as well as creativity when introducing and promoting new products.


The company provides application technology services to interested manufacturers when introducing components from a wide range of products applicable into their range.

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